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Individual and tailored mock interviews in preparation for your next job interview

One-to-One Mock Interviews

Tailored support to help you prepare for your next big job interview

Delivered by our highly experienced employment advisors, our 1-to-1 mock interviews are part of our career support training and tailored to meet the expectations of your upcoming job interview. We'll work with you to understand the requirements of a successful interview, including body language synchronicity, answering competency-based questions and effectively selling yourself. We can't guarantee results but we're very good at what we do!

Who is the course suitable for?
1-to-1 Mock Interviews are ideal for anyone who is looking for help in preparing for an upcoming job interview. That includes face-to-face, telephone and remote interviews (Skype, Zoom, etc).

1 hour sessions (number of sessions to be decided in advance)

Delivered remotely over Zoom

from £50 per hour


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2023/2024 Winner of Corporate Training Provider of the Year - UK Global Awards


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