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Helping you make the most of your time in the workplace.

We can't change the time we have in the workplace, but we can change the way we use it.  

Time management is one of the most vital workplace skills and yet it is often overlooked, resulting in poor performance being blamed on incompetency. However, it's very rarely the case that the person is not capable of doing their job, but rather they struggle to manage their time.  

My 1-day Time Management training course is aimed at staff at all levels who face a daily struggle with their workload. It's packed with tips and techiques to help plan and prioritise tasks, ensure nothing is forgotten, effectively handle email and phone calls, delegate where appropriate and overcome procrastination. I will personally guarantee that everyone who attends this course will come away with at least one new method for improving their time management.  

Course content:

Understanding the problem

Ways to prioritise tasks

Planning techniques

Managing interruptions

Avoiding procrastination

Avoiding taking on too much

Managing email

Managing phone calls  

Duration: 1 day
Delivery Method: Face-to-face or via Zoom
Group Size: up to 8
Cost: from £500 per group  

"I really enjoyed this course and it will definitely benefit my time management in my work and personal life."  

"An excellent course that opened up new approaches to time management."  

"Tremendously beneficial to have effective ideas shown and explained to you."  

"Very good and informative course that included techniques I will include in my working day."

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