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Learn how to create and deliver effective presentations

Successful Presentations and Public Speaking Training

A 2-day training course in communication, media and presentation skills

"An excellent course, very informative and given me more confidence to deliver presentations."

This interactive training session is designed to help you get the most out of your presentations to ensure your audience is fully engaged and able to understand the information you are sharing with them. The course includes developing your own presentation that will be delivered to the group on Day 2, receiving constructive feedback from group members and the trainer.

"I was dreading standing up there but Gary led us gently to the point where it was natural to get up in front of the group."


Overcoming the fears of public speaking
Makig the most of pace, tone and volume
Using positive body language and eye contact
Using natural gestures, pauses and speaking with passion
Eliminating filler words
Working with the media - speaking to reporters, handling interviews

Structuring a presentation
Incorporating visual aids
Confidently answering difficult questions
Delivering a 15-minute presentation to your peers

"I will definitely have more confidence when delivering presentations."

2 days

Delivered at your premises

from £900 per group


"I found this course very informative and it will undoubtedly provide a basis and useful skills for delivering my future presentations."

"Brilliant course, highly recommended, especially if presenting is part of your job role. Definitely gained more confidence."

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