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An interactive workshop to help you deliver dynamic and effective employability skills

A Course to Help Deliver Employability Skills to Service Users

A 1-day training workshop for staff who deliver employability and job-related skills

"I've now got a bigger 'box of tools' to help others."

Delivering Employability Skills is a one-day training course specifically designed to help staff be more equipped and dynamic in helping their job-seeking learners. With 20 years' experience delivering employability skills to all age groups in Scotland and London, we have combined all our findings and techniques in this course, and it has been used by organisations throughout the United Kingdom who are looking to provide the best possible service to support their clients.

This course focuses on the following key elements:

How We Learn
The Four Stages of Learning
Neil Fleming's VARK Learning Styles Model
What Stops People Being Ready to Learn?
Creating the Right Environment
How People Learn Best
Ensuring a Successful Conclusion

Managing Difficult Behaviour
What is Difficult Behaviour?
Understanding the Behaviour Cycle
Strategies to Deal with Difficult Behaviour
Benefits and Consequences

Delivering Employability Skills
Let Them Take Ownership
Where Am I Now?
Barriers to Work
It's a Game
Owning Your Skills and Strengths
Employers Top 10
The Hidden Job Market
Understanding Job Adverts
Successful CVs
Cover Letters
Speculative Letters
Application Forms
Top 7 Interview Tips
Dealing with Competency-based Questions
Pre-Interview Checklist
Interview Mistakes That Cost People Jobs

1 day

GBT Certificate of Attendance

Delivered at your premises (delivery facilities can be provided at an additional cost)

from £750 per group

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2023/2024 Winner of Staff Development Training Provider of the Year - Scotland Prestige Awards

2023/2024 Winner of Corporate Training Provider of the Year - UK Global Awards

We have 20 years experience delivering employability skills to all age groups.