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Develop your workplace communication skills

Effective workplace communication skills

An interactive business skills workshop exploring ways to develop your workplace communication skills

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Great content, activities and scenarios."

This course is aimed at developing your communication skills in the workplace.

"Very informative and engaging training."


Body language
How we say it
Active listening
Asking the right questions
Managing interruptions
Providing effective feedback
Handling difficult conversations
The power of an apology
Learning to say no
Managing conflict
Telephone communication
Email communication

"Absolutely brilliant!"

1 day or 2 days

Delivered at your premises (delivery facilities can be provided at an additional cost)

from £750 per group

"I found this course very informative and will use lots of different techniques and content from today."

"Lots of interaction and Gary kept the focus relevant."

"Very enjoyable, informative and inclusive."


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